A Timeline of the War
Recent History

AP 15,380 – Undead forces breach the wall of the Black Necropolis. The multitude of dead inside are raised as undead soldiers.

AP 15,389 – The Phoenix Knights make their last stand at the Immortal Citadel, the seat of their power. The Phoenix appears and incinerates the undead that breach the walls. The Phoenix Knights vanish, but the undead are unable to enter the Citadel without immediately bursting into flames. The fortress is left behind as the undead push on, giving the place a wide berth.

AP 15,390 – The undead armies begin invading border towns along the Basilisk Territory.

AP 15,396 – The undead overrun the Clockwork Tower.

AP 15,397 – The undead take The Orrery and the Dragonfire Forge.

AP 15,400 – The Basilisk Knights are driven back to the artificial islands known as the Tusk Enclave.

AP 15,400 – AP 15,404 Battles for the Tusk Enclave go island-for-island. The Basilisk Knights are forced to continue to retreat.

AP 15,405 The Basilisk Knights are forced back to the ancient fortress of Flamerise. The fortress holds the Tesseract, an artifact that holds within it the secrets of the Progenitors.

AP 15,405 – The Griffon Knights dispatch a vanguard to defend their borders from the undead army. The vanguard is overrun by superior numbers, very few survive long enough to retreat. The survivors fall back to the Stallheim Pass, the walled city of Stallia, the seat of Griffon leadership.

AP 15,406 – The First Siege of Stallia. The undead vanguard attacks the city, but is unprepared for the resistance that they face. The undead vanguard is defeated, riders are sent to the Lion, Wyvern, and Dragon Protectorates, but no aid arrives. The undead army attempts to enter the Unicorn Protectorate, only to have their forces disintegrate when crossing the border.

AP 15,407 – The forces of the undead army move south, through the Griffon and Basilisk Protectorates and into the Pegasus Protectorate. The Pegasus Knights stage a guerrilla war against the invaders. The Eagle Knights, informed of the undead army’s approach, move their smallfolk to the protection of the high plateaus of Eagles Aerie. The Second Siege of Stallia Begins. Undead forces amass around the Unicorn Protectorate, sealing off any attempts to exit or enter.

AP 15,409 – The Pegasus castle of Khorvare falls under siege, as does Dryads Bastion and the Redwood Spire. The Eagle Protectorate stronghold of Raptors Gate comes under attack.

AP 15,411Dryads Bastion falls. The Pegasi within are slaughtered. Redwood Spire is put to flame, engulfing the fortress. There are no survivors, but neither are there corpses to bolster the undead ranks.

AP 15,412Khorvare is sacked. Raptors Gate is breached. The undead army enters the Eagle Protectorate and marches on the Sphinx Protectorate’s border.

AP 15,413 – The Grand Bazaar is overrun. The undead army uses the Eagle Pinion to move their troops to the western shore of the Eagle Protectorate.

AP 15,414 – The Sphinx Knights rally at the Salt Tower and engage the undead. The Battle of Redcliffe begins in the Eagle Protectorate. The Basilisk tower of Flamerise is taken. Our Story Begins…

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