House Rules

Along with the Magic system there are a few key house rules that this campaign will use.

Nobility Roll During character creation the player will roll a percentile set. If the character rolls a 75 or above their character is considered to be descended from on of their protectorate’s noble houses, and as such will start play with either 1 extra feat or the option to make a non-class skill into a class skill with 5 ranks awarded.

Special Equipment Given the current situation in Reeshugan, certain resources are harder to come by. This includes adventuring gear. Each character will start with a basic package for their protectorate and, additionally, will roll a percentile. A score of 65 or above indicated that the character will begin the game with certain bonus items that will be beneficial to both themselves and the adventuring party.

Victory Points Awarded for incredible heroic acts, Victory Points can be used to purchase additional feats in the form a special training.

The War Marks

In the years leading up to the war, certain children manifested a spiritual marking on their backs. These markings bestowed certain otherworldly abilities to their bearers. The markings appeared seemingly at random, with no racial or social factor evident in the appearances. There appeared one of each mark in each protectorate and upon the bearers death the mark would appear, at random on the back of another. The effects of the War Marks cannot be suppressed by any known means.

The Shield Mark
The Shield Mark takes the form of an elaborate escutcheon shield, seemingly unique to the bearer, but always features a stylized image of that protectorate’s symbol. The Shield Mark grants the bearer a natural AC bonus of +5.

The Battle Mark
The Battle Mark takes the form of a crossed set of whatever weapon is favored by the bearer, again, the image is very stylized and bearer-specific. Over the crossed weapons is usually the head of the protectorate’s symbol, though in certain cases the entire creature has been represented. The Battle Mark grants the bearer a +5 bonus to attack with the weapon depicted in the mark. The weapon does not change if the bearer takes up a new weapon.

The Arcana Mark
The Arcana Mark is a massive intricate swirl of color taking the form of a pictogram of the protectorate’s symbol. The mark grants the bearer the ability to cast arcane spells as though one level higher in their spell casting class. Additionally the saves against bearer’s spells increase by 5.

The Prayer Mark
Unlike the other marks, the Prayer Mark takes the form of an intricate holy symbol. The mark grants the ability to cast Divine spells as if one level higher in their spell casting class. Additionally the mark increases the dice class of any positive energy damage by one step. (d4 to d6, d6 to d8, etc.)

The Star Mark
The Star Mark has taken the form of a constellation, several smaller stars over the bearer’s body, and even one massive tribal star. It grants the bearer a 15 foot bonus to base speed, allows them to climb at their base speed, and react immediately after falling prone.

The Beast Mark
The Beast Mark takes the form of a tribal pictogram of a specific animal. The effect is different from bearer to bearer. Some have found themselves with natural claws, others with a poisonous bite, and still others found themselves with a Celestial animal companion.

House Rules

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